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The Coop with Meyer Hatchery

The Coop with Meyer Hatchery

The Coop with Meyer Hatchery is a place where we talk all things poultry, in hopes of inspiring crazy chicken keepers and educating future flock owners. Together we'll take a more in-depth look at poultry-related care and the questions we commonly hear. The Coop also offers a new view on behind-the-scenes with Meyer Hatchery and features minisode interviews with industry leaders.

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Recent Episodes

April Book of the Month: An Interview with Barbara Pleasant, author of Homegrown Pantry

March 27, 2023

Homegrown Pantry by Barbara Pleasant is our April Book of The Month pick. This book is a comprehensive resource for learning how to grow a wide variety of different food crops to fill your pantry and freezer. It covers the e…

March Book of the Month: Interview with Lisa Steele, Author of Duck Eggs Daily

Feb. 27, 2023

Duck Eggs Daily is the third Book of the Month with Meyer Hatchery! Join Tessa and author Lisa Steele to explore the benefits of raising ducks, her experiences, and the misconceptions about raising ducks with your flock of c…

Feed Concerns With Laying Hens

Feb. 14, 2023

There is a lot of buzz about commercial poultry feed that can be misleading to both new and experienced poultry keepers. Today, Tessa shares insight on why hens don't lay through the winter, how you can plan for future winte…

First Time Chicken Keeping- February BOTM

Jan. 30, 2023

You don't have to be a first-time chicken keeper for this book to be an essential part of your collection. First Time Chicken Keeping by Schneider and McCrea covers all areas of poultry care from before the arrival of your f…

Chicken Chat: Planning a Chicken Garden

Jan. 17, 2023

Welcome to our first Chicken Chat of 2023! We are starting off the year doing a little planning for gardening with our chickens. January is a great time to make your garden plans and order your seeds. Listen as Tessa and Jes…

Ann Larkin Hansen Interview BOTM 2023

Dec. 30, 2022

The Backyard Homesteader Seasonal Planner is the first Book of the Month with Meyer Hatchery! Join Tessa and Jess as they interview the author, Ann Larkin Hansen, about her experiences, how she wrote this incredible book, an…

About the Hosts

JeffProfile Photo


Podcast Co-Host

Jeff has been with Meyer Hatchery for nearly 10 years, but his poultry experience spans multiple decades. Keeping and showing all sorts of birds was a family affair for Jeff, wife, and his 5 kids, as they traveled around to midwest poultry events. His many years of experience have earned Jeff the status of semi-retired as he now enjoys traveling, ocean activities, and visiting his family.

TessaProfile Photo


Podcast Host

Tessa loves talking poultry and has worked for Meyer Hatchery for the past two and a half years. When she isn't in front of the camera for YouTube or recording for The Coop, Tessa's passions are natural poultry keeping and homesteading self-sufficiency. She and her three daughters love to create, paint, knit, and experiment with new recipes in the kitchen.