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This minisode is a little bit different than traditional episodes, as we cover relevant happenings in and around Meyer Hatchery. Sometimes we also interview industry leaders, and today I’m excited to be joined by Adam Danforth, a butcher, educator, and James Beard award-winning author.

You may recognize the name from his comprehensive butchering books, including his newly released book Butchering Chickens: A Guide To Humane Small-Scale Processing. He is an active board member of the Good Meat Project and Chefs Collaborative and through this work, he leads experiential workshops worldwide on butchery and meat science for venues such as Stone Barns Center for Agriculture, the James Beard Foundation Chefs Boot Camp, Google, and the National Bison Association. Adam also consults and provides education to restaurants including Eleven Madison Park, Gramercy Tavern, Bazaar Meat, and Maude. 

In today’s interview, Adam’s passion is truly evident, and I can’t wait to share his wealth of knowledge and insight with you all. 


In this episode you'll: 

  • Learn About The Good Meat Project & Atlas of Butchery Initiatives
  • Hear How COVID-19 Has Changed The Local Landscape
  • Get Resources On Supporting Local
  • Learn About Processing At Home
  • Catch Details On A Special Giveaway!

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