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From Meyer Hatchery it’s The Coop - where we talk all things poultry in hopes of inspiring crazy chicken keepers and educating future flock owners. 

I’m your host Kendra and on the show today you’ll hear how the desire to feed their family the best possible food grew into a passion for sharing that food with their community. Crossing Creeks farm out of Shelbyville Tennessee began in 2012 raising grass-fed beef and has now evolved to sell pastured pork and poultry as well as eggs!

Elizabeth, from Crossing Creeks shares about their poultry journey, how they’ve evolved from raising 50 broilers to 800 rainbow rangers in mobile coops, her advice for those just starting out, and most importantly how her farm continues to be a family operation as her two young son’s help in the day-to-day chores. 

But to really understand Crossing Creeks' experience, we’ll begin when they made the decision to simply start...

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Crossing Creek FarmProfile Photo

Crossing Creek Farm

Elizabeth at Crossing Creeks

In December of 2012, our family purchased 125 acres located in south central Tennessee, Bedford County. With no permanent driveway, two creeks to cross to access the land, barbed wire fence everywhere and an old hay barn, there was much work ahead to be done. We have made many improvements over the years but the two creeks offer the same beauty. Now two bridges and a driveway cross over the two creeks before they merge into one, producing the name Crossing Creeks Farm.