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Today we’re talking about pest control, as part of our Best Of Series. For the month of June, we’re going to dive into the best breeds for pest control. By early June the entire US is moving into warmer temperatures and with it comes the return of bugs. The flying, squirming, crawling, and downright creepy creatures that most would care to avoid. The breeds and poultry types you choose for your flock can help control the infestation of pests, making your outdoor time and theirs more enjoyable.

At one time or another, you’ve dealt with slugs, grasshoppers, Japanese beetles, ticks, flies, snakes, mice, and or spiders. If you’re looking for a natural solution to help control these pests look no further than your feathered flock mates. 

In this episode you'll: 

  • Discover The Best Breeds For Pest Control
  • Learn Reasons Why Certain Poultry Types Do Best
  • Catch A Few Pest Control Considerations

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