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From Meyer Hatchery it’s The Coop - where we talk all things poultry in hopes of inspiring crazy chicken keepers and educating future flock owners. 

I’m your host Kendra and on the show today we’re sharing the story of how one chicken keeper’s life changed by an upgrade in their coop set-up. We talk all the time about how chicken keeping is a good lesson in responsibility, and really can be a journey!

From little peeps to farm fresh eggs, here to share her experience is Suellen Purdum of Texas. Predator issues and eventually the advice from her daughter led her to look at a new coop set-up. Now, Suellen is the proud owner of not 1, or 2 but 5 Omlet Chicken Coops and is an ambassador for their products. 

So how does one person end up with so many Omlet coops? Well, like so many of our customers, Suellen began her chicken-keeping experience 15 years ago with the encouragement of her children. On a regular vet visit for their horses, little did Suellen know she was leaving with so much more…

Omlet Chicken CoopsProfile Photo

Omlet Chicken Coops

Have you been contemplating building your own chicken coop? Save yourself the time and extra expenses and check out Omlet’s range of amazing coops! Omlet chicken coops are durable, predator-resistant, as well as quick and easy to clean, creating a home your chickens will love living in and you’ll love using. Omlet reimagines the way you live with and look after your chickens to bring you closer together! In 2003, Omlet launched the first Eglu Coop and they have been designing and innovating ever since! In addition to chicken coops, Omlet offers runs and chicken-keeping supplies.