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Today we're talking about day-old chicks vs started pullets! When browsing for new flock additions, most chicken keepers are on the hunt for specific breeds but are stopped in their tracks when they see the breed they want is offered as a day-old chick or started pullet. If you’ve been listening to the Coop Podcast for any length of time, then you likely already know what we’re going to say next. 

The choice between day-old chicks and started pullets all depends on you, your flock, and your flock goals! There are many advantages and disadvantages to both and today, we’re here to share them with you in hopes of helping you grow a successful flock. 

In this episode you'll: 

  • Learn The Advantages & Disadvantages of Day-Old Chicks VS Started Pullets
  • Hear Real Life Scenarios For Each Option
  • Discover New Options For Your Flock

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