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This minisode is a little bit different than traditional episodes, as we cover relevant happenings in and around Meyer Hatchery. Sometimes we also interview industry leaders, and today I’m excited to be joined by Jessica Jacobs of First Saturday Lime.

First Saturday Lime is a natural, easy to use and effective repellent that also neutralizes and deodorizes spaces like your chicken coop. They’ve taken the extra steps to exceed purity requirements to deliver a formula that’s safe for your family, gardens, ponds, pets, and animals. 

If you’ve been listening to the podcast you’ve probably heard me mention their product before and it’s because it’s something I personally use each month. I want you all to know that the products, companies, and people we feature on The Coop, are all used and adored by us, your hosts!. 

In today’s episode, we learn how First Saturday Lime found its start, talk about their recently scored deal on Shark Tank, and of course, we cover all the ways you can use their product in your coop and around your home.