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This week we’re excited to be joined by Pascale, Executive Vice President of Brinsea as a special guest on The Coop with Meyer Hatchery! We dive into what Brinsea offers, Pascale’s personal insight into incubation while raising a flock and discuss Brinsea’s newest product to hit the market. We’ve also partnered with Brinsea to provide our podcast listeners an exclusive offer for the month of March. Don’t miss out on this exciting interview, listen today! 

In this episode you'll: 

  • Find What Brinsea Is Known For
  • Hear Pascale's Personal Insight Into Incubation & Raising A Flock
  • Catch Her #1 Tip For Incubation Success
  • Learn More About Brinea's Newest ChickSafe Automatic Coop Door Openers

Product Highlights - Shop Brinsea and Recieve Free Shipping In March 2020

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