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This minisode is a little bit different than traditional episodes, as we cover relevant happenings in and around Meyer Hatchery. Sometimes we also interview industry leaders, and today I’m excited to be joined by author Gail Damerow. 

Gail has been raising poultry for nearly five decades and writing about chickens since her first book came out in 1976. You may recognize the name from her well-loved books Storey’s Guide  To Raising Chickens, The Chicken Health Handbook, her newest release What’s Killing My Chickens and many more.

Today we get to learn more about Gail’s background in poultry keeping as she shares some of her best tips for illness prevention and identification.

In this episode you'll: 

  • Learn How Gail's Poultry Experience Lead To Writing About Poultry
  • Hear Gail's Best Husbandry Tips
  • Learn How To Identify Disease Vs Health Issue
  • Catch Details On Gail's Newest Book, What's Killing My Chickens

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