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This minisode is a little bit shorter than our traditional episodes, as we cover relevant happenings in and around Meyer Hatchery. Today we’re covering our upcoming Hatch-A-Long taking place in the month of March and how you can participate! 

In this episode you'll: 

  • Hear What The Hatch-Along Will Entail
  • Learn How You Can Participate #MHHatchAlong
  • Catch 3 Tips To Help You Prepare 
  • Find A "Secret Word" For Our Launch Day Giveaway

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*To celebrate launching The Coop Podcast publically, listen for our secret word. Then click the link above (orhere), to submit the secret word and enter to win! One Entry Per Listener. Giveaway Ends March 5, 2020. For US Residents Only. No Cash Value. Winner will be announced during our March 6th episode, so tune in!