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I’m your host Kendra and on the show today you’ll hear how an education in child development and love of food came together to drive Stacie Billis to become a food editor, cookbook author, and host to one of the top 20 food podcasts on Apple.

But her food journey didn’t start in the traditional sense of culinary school, after Stacie’s father urged her to receive an education she went to graduate school for child development. With her passion for food still burning, she decided if she wasn’t going to be in the kitchen cooking professionally she could at least engage with parents and families around food content. After having kids herself she realized it was time to be in the kitchen, but not as a chef, as a mom with the purpose of feeding her family.  Making a career pivot from education and research in children’s media she found her place in food media, writing cookbooks and launching the podcast Didn’t I Just Feed You, with her co-Host Meghan Splawn.

Their podcast exudes the fact that food truly is a connector, whether you’re making it, enjoying it, or talking about it. And it’s quick to see in this episode too as Stacie is truly one of the most authentic food professionals I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. To really understand what led Stacie to create the cookbook, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and earning her “chicken lady” title, it starts with her first cookbook… 

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Stacie Billis

Stacie Billis, Podcast Co-Host & Cookbook Author

Stacie is a Brooklyn-based cookbook author and food editor, mom of two boys (and a crazy dog), committed maximalist, and fashion-obsessed Real Housewives devotee. Her first cookbook Make It Easy: 120 Mix-and-Match Recipes to Cook From Scratch with Smart Store-Bought Shortcuts When You Need Them is a real-life manual of just-healthy-enough family eating for busy parents and their kids (yes, even the picky ones), and her second cookbook, Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner: 50 Winning Ways to Cook It Up!, is a one-stop-shop for mastering everyone’s favorite dinnertime protein.