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New crazy chicken lady!

I am new to the chicken world and have gotten obsessed with learning about chickens QUICK! I love this podcast! I look forward to new episodes coming out! Thanks for the great information!

New Chicken Momma ☺️

Thank you for all this very helpful info! I’m a new chicken mama this year!! Scheduled to receive my chicks this week. I have really enjoyed many of your podcasts episodes, have had many questions answers and tons of new ideas! Keep it up! Thanks again!

Best New Podcast

I’ve been looking for a new podcast to help on the homestead and THIS is it! Love how knowledgeable the hosts are, can’t wait to hear more.

Great and informational podcast!

The was a great podcast full of useful information regarding raising chickens. Can’t wait to hear more!


I am new to chicken keeping this year and I love that someone with knowledge is helping me through my newest adventure!

Excellent Information🐣

I love this podcast. It’s very informative! I’m mentioning two new chicken ladies and I told them to get this podcast. I can’t wait for more!!

Highlight of my day.

I am an attorney who commutes an hour to and from work each day. My chickens are a great stress relief. I love tuning in to the new podcast! Great catalogue this year too!!


So very excited about this new podcast!!

A MUST Listen!

I decided to give The Coop a listen on the way to taking my daughter to gymnastics. My 6 year old son was also in the car with me and started to get really engaged and make comments. Chickens are just a normal part of our day now and they aren't that exciting for the kids anymore. Listening to this podcast kept him awake in the car (he normally snoozes) and we got to have a fun discussion after it was over. It was nice to see him all excited about chickens and we have found our new mother/son weeklycar activity!! Thanks Meyer Hatchery!!

I’m a crazy chicken lady!!

I love this new series. So informative! The music is great as well. Listen to it if you’re into chickens, they really know their stuff.

So informative!

Loved this podcast! It takes quite a bit to keep me listening. As a seasoned flock owner I was still able to learn something new. Fun, engaging and educational. Can’t wait for more episodes🐥

A Great Addition

The Coop with Meyer Hatchery is a great addition to the "agricultural" podcast scene. It's nice to see a company like Meyer Hatchery stepping up to take the lead. Looking forward to hearing more!